• Xhd Paint Arrestor

Xhd Paint Arrestor

Product Features

  • Viskon-Aire's XHD paint arrestor (22 gram fiberglass) provides extreme overspray holding capacity and high efficiency across a wide range of paint materials but is most effective when used with in. thinner in. spray products, such as lacquers and waterborne paint, due to its tighter weave construction.
  • The XHD is composed of a layer of spun fiberglass (yellow in color / air entry side) with a thin glass fiberglass backing (white in color / air exiting side) for use in cross draft and down draft spray booth exhaust systems.
  • The progressive density design ensure proper in. depth loading in. by allowing the air entry layer to captures larger overspray particles while the fine air exiting layer captures smaller overspray particles.
  • Proper depth loading extends the operating life of a filter, resulting in fewer change-outs, lowering annual operating costs.


Manufacturer Part # VI025202

Manufacturer Part # VI025336


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