• Bluemag NorGrip

Bluemag NorGrip

Product Features

  • High strength blue latex and paper backing
  • NorZon zirconia alumina grain
  • Proven coating technique. Superior bond system
  • Improves performance and flexibility & reduces curling and edge chipping
  • Self-sharpening, improves cut rate, extends product life, and minimizes heat
  • More consistent, uniform scratch pattern. Optimizes grain adhesion and extends product life


Manufacturer Part # NO23589

Manufacturer Part # NO23591

Manufacturer Part # NO23590

Manufacturer Part # NO23593

Manufacturer Part # NO23588

Manufacturer Part # NO23576

Manufacturer Part # NO23574

Manufacturer Part # NO23578

Manufacturer Part # NO23577

Manufacturer Part # NO23575

Manufacturer Part # NO23573


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