• SlimeHS #49

SlimeHS #49

Product Features

Cal-West Slime HS spray mask is a water-based, low-VOC masking liquid that dries to a non-tacky film. It not only provides superior overspray protection, but also protects the vehicle throughout the entire repair process, from light scratches and pitting caused by grinding slag and welding spatter in the metal shop to polishing compound residue in the detail shop. In addition, vehicles protected with Slime HS are much easier to move through the shop than those covered with plastic sheeting. Slime HS is applied with conventional spray equipment and is compatible with all paint systems. It is safe to use on all thoroughly-cured painted surfaces and can be applied to hard-to-mask areas such as grills, wheels, and tires and areas currently not protected at all, like engine bays.

Slime HS is the “green” way to mask. It is easily removed with a water wash and is safe to sewer. The effluent is biodegradable and does not consume landfill space like plastic sheeting.


Manufacturer Part # 49-1

Manufacturer Part # 49DR

Manufacturer Part # 49-5

Manufacturer Part # 49-15


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