Herkules® Spray Gun Washer with Timer

Herkules® Spray Gun Washers are the original washers that revolutionized the body shop industry and they continue to set the standard for innovation and performance. Over 20 years experience is built into every model, incorporating the most advanced components, providing facilities with long lasting, reliable equipment.

Herkules skillfully designed Paint Gun Washers allow for cleaning spray guns and accessories quickly and efficiently saving money for any facility. How important is that? Weel, if a painter takes even just 10 minutes to manually clean a spray gun 6 times a day, a full hour of valuable time is lost per day - that's 20 hours or more per month - time that costs you real money!

Washing spray guns and other accessories in an enclosed, automatic Paint Gun Washer eliminates harmful VOC emissions. Check your local regulations for updated and tougher EPA requirements on using a Paint Gun Washer for improving our precious environment.

The PS90111 is Herkules' most popular Paint Gun Washer - it automatically cleans two guns and two cups requiring only five gallons of mid to high grade solvent about every four to six weeks, saving on solvent and hazardous waste costs. Features:

  • Cleans all types of spray guns - Cleans 2 guns & 2 cups automatically in one minute
  • Built with corrosion resistant components - Industrial strength polyethelene tank
  • Enclosed cabinet dramatically reduces dangerous VOCs
  • Internal reservoir - 5 gallons
  • Automatic timer
  • Safety lid shut-off switch - pump will not operate while lid is open
  • Filter/regulator
  • Fully automatic for thorough and efficient cleaning
  • For the exclusive use of either solvent or waterborne
  • 100% air operated - 75 psi required

Herkules Spray Gun Washer with Timer
Herkules Spray Gun Washer with Timer
Grade: N/A | Color: Blue/Grey | Size: 21 in. D x 24.5 in. W x 46 in. H

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